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MCNZ Interview

The interview occurs after an Email requesting a Registration meeting has been sent AND all COPS have been received from the registration authority(s) by MCNZ.

What is needed from you?

We need the following from you. Key points:

  • On receipt of an email from MCNZ confirming interview date/time AND a REG5 form please forward this to us;

  • We will complete a draft and return it to you; 

  • The completed REG5 form will need to be sent to MCNZ prior to the meeting. Please cc: us in; 

  • Once the meeting has occurred pleased let us know. 

What happens next?

Within 2-3 days your Registration will be confirmed and a Practicing Certificate issued. 

You can only commence providing services in NZ AFTER the Practicing Certificate has been issued. 

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