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Notarisation of ID

Notarisation of ID occurs after EPIC ID authentication. 

  • We secure your draft EPIC EIF;

  • We create a Notary.Cam account and upload documentation from the EPIC ID process;

  • An email will be generated inviting you to meet an Online Notary; 

  • DO NOT ACCEPT the invitation unless you have your PASSPORT AND email advice from Us containing your EPIC ID details; 

  • You meet with the Notary; 

  • In 3 days the authenticated EPIC ID appears; 

What is needed from you?

We need the following from you. Key points:

  • ​Please review the document below entitled Sample Emails; 

  • Review Email 1 to 3 from Notary.Cam

  • On receipt of Email 1 NO ACTION IS NEEDED

  • On receipt of Email 2 you CAN take action PROVIDED you

    • You are in front of a PC with a camera AND

    • Have your Passport with you AND

    • Have the EPIC ID details we sent you;

  • Please follow the instructions in Email 2 to meet the Notary Online; 

  • On completion you will receive Email 3 from Please forward this to us. 

We have included the following documents providing additional information.

What happens next?

In 3-5 days your EPIC EIF will be authenticated. 

  • We will download a copy of your EPIC EIF as we need this for the MCNZ registration; 

  • It also allows us to upload your MBBS, get it authenticated and include MCNZ as the recipient; 

  • Our next action is EPIC MBBS authentication. 

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