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MCNZ lodgement

Once the MBBS authentication is underway we can lodge your MCNZ registration application. This varies "slightly" depending on which path we take. 

  • We lodge the application with a cc: to the Radiologist;

  • On confirmation of receipt AND commencement of processing the Referee Reports are lodged;

  • There may be query emails from MCNZ; 

  • Eventually preliminary registration is approved and MCNZ advises next actions; 

  • The Radiologist attends an online Zoom meeting with MCNZ and the registration is finalised. 

What is needed from you?

We need the following from you. Key points:

  • Please forward any emails from MCNZ to us IF we are not already copied in. We will provide guidance in responding; 

  • On receipt of  Email 2 from MCNZ confirming registration and next actions we undertake the following:

    • We pay the practicing certificate fee;​

    • The Radiologist needs to arrange for Certificates of Professional Status to be sent to MCNZ. Refer below. 

  • An Employment contract is NOT REQUIRED; ​

  • The Radiologist will need to attend an MCNZ Registration meeting via ZOOM. Refer below; 

  • We have provided guidance regarding the Email to MCNZ requesting a registration meeting. Refer below; 

  • The Radiologist will be asked to complete and sign a REG5 form. You will receive a blank form with details of your Registration Meeting. Please forward to us as we can complete much of this for you. 

We have included the following documents providing additional information.

  • Review Email 1 and 2 from MCNZ in the Sample Emails document; 

  • Review the REG5 form. DO NOT COMPLETE as the form sent to you by MCNZ may differ slightly dependent on registration pathway;

  • Review COPS AHPRA and other; 

  • Review MCNZ request email; 

What happens next?

The following actions need to occur:

  • The Radiologist arranges their Certificate of Professional Status from every regulatory authority in the last 5 years. Generally this is APHRA. Refer AHPRA COPS document. Confirm with us once you have organized; 

  • We will then provide guidance regarding the email content and timing to be sent to MCNZ requesting a Registration meeting; 

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