MCNZ lodgement

Once the MBBS authentication is underway we can lodge your MCNZ registration application. This varies "slightly" depending on which path we take. 

  • We lodge the application with a cc: to the Radiologist;

  • On confirmation of receipt AND commencement of processing the Referee Reports are lodged;

  • There may be query emails from MCNZ; 

  • Eventually preliminary registration is approved and MCNZ advises next actions; 

  • The Radiologist attends an online Zoom meeting with MCNZ and the registration is finalised. 

What is needed from you?

We need the following from you. Key points:

  • Please forward any emails from MCNZ to us IF we are not already copied in. We will provide guidance in responding; 

  • On receipt of  Email 2 from MCNZ confirming registration and next actions we undertake the following:

    • We pay the practicing certificate fee;​

    • The Radiologist needs to arrange for Certificates of Professional Status to be sent to MCNZ. Refer below. 

  • An Employment contract is NOT REQUIRED; ​

  • The Radiologist will need to attend an MCNZ Registration meeting via ZOOM. Refer below; 

  • We have provided guidance regarding the Email to MCNZ requesting a registration meeting. Refer below; 

  • The Radiologist will be asked to complete and sign a REG5 form. You will receive a blank form with details of your Registration Meeting. Please forward to us as we can complete much of this for you. 

We have included the following documents providing additional information.

  • Review Email 1 and 2 from MCNZ in the Sample Emails document; 

  • Review the REG5 form. DO NOT COMPLETE as the form sent to you by MCNZ may differ slightly dependent on registration pathway;

  • Review COPS AHPRA and other; 

  • Review MCNZ request email; 

What happens next?

The following actions need to occur:

  • The Radiologist arranges their Certificate of Professional Status from every regulatory authority in the last 5 years. Generally this is APHRA. Refer AHPRA COPS document. Confirm with us once you have organized; 

  • We will then provide guidance regarding the email content and timing to be sent to MCNZ requesting a Registration meeting; 

Disclaimer: Please note that Australian laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing and often without notice. The information on this web site is intended to be introductory, is general in nature and does NOT constitute legal advice. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the date of writing. Prior to make decisions we strongly recommend you seek specific advice regarding your situation.