EPIC MBBS authentication

MBBS Authentications occurs after Notarisation.  

  • There is nothing for a Doctor to undertake; 

  • We upload your MBBS; 

  • We nominate MCNZ as the report recipient; 

  • In SOME CASES we need to liaise with Overseas Universities; 

What is needed from you?

We need the following from you. Key points:

  • We will already have collected from you a clear copy of your MBBS that is acceptable to EPIC; ​

  • Please forward any emails from EPIC or your University to us. 

We have included the following documents providing additional information. Review Email 4 and 5. 

What happens next?

The timeframe to authenticate MBBS depends on WHERE you secured your MBBS. 

  • Australian Universities typically process within a week; 

  • Overseas University timeframes vary considerably. For example University of Witwatersrand typically takes 2-3 weeks to process. University of Cape Town require payment of an additional fee and may take months; 

  • We take a screen shot of lodgement in EPIC and include with the MCNZ application for registration;

  • HOWEVER MCNZ cannot finalise registration until confirmation of MBBS; 

  • MCNZ have agreed that Post-Graduate qualification do NOT need authentication for FRANZCR; 

  • Please forward ANY EMAILS from EPIC or your University to us BEFORE responding. We will provide guidance. 

Disclaimer: Please note that Australian laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing and often without notice. The information on this web site is intended to be introductory, is general in nature and does NOT constitute legal advice. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the date of writing. Prior to make decisions we strongly recommend you seek specific advice regarding your situation.