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About You

Thank-you for your interest in advice4doctors. We're very focused on building long-term, synergistic partnership with our healthcare employers. 

The majority of our work is medical licencing followed by migration. On successful registration you will have full access to both the sections available to Doctors as well as that exclusively for Employers. 

Whilst placement or recruitment is part of what we offer on MOST occasions an employer has either found a Doctor directly OR via a recruitment agency. 

We are then asked to undertake one or more of the following:

  • Area of Need certificates; 

  • Advice regarding District Workforce Shortage and Medicare provider numbers; 

  • Manage the College assessment process;

  • Manage the AHPRA process;

  • Manage Medicare provider numbers; 

  • Advise regarding other licences needed (Radiation Use for example);

We manage ongoing College, AHPRA and Medicare. 

We manage on rare occasions Reconsideration, Review and Appeal processes; 

We undertake licencing for MRI and PET; 

And we get involved in Mapping to provide guidance regarding new practice locations. As well as the occasional Tender response. 

We have two registered Migration Agents in our practice BOTH of whom are Lawyers. So we manage migration matters both simple and complex. 

We ENCOURAGE your team to contact us regarding any medical licencing or migration questions. We do this all the time. And 5-10 minutes of our advice (99% of the time at no cost) helps them enormously. If the job will take longer we provide a Quotation and seek approval prior to undertaking the work. 

As medical licencing or migration laws change will do a broadcast newsletter. We generally send 4 per year which you have the option of Unsubscribing. 

You are welcome to invite members of your team to register also. 

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