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Welcome to the Advice4Doctors web site. We've built this to provide a wealth of information and clear guidance for Doctors. 

You can access About Australia, About Us, About You and Contact Us without having Registered for full access. 

To access all of our web pages you will need to Register for access.

We limit Registrations to bona-fide Doctors only.


You will find the Register Now button on the About You page. The button will be activated when you upload your Resume.

You'll receive a confirmation email once we've reviewed and granted access. 

Once you have Registered you'll need to Login. At the top right of the Home page you'll see the Login. Enter the username and password you used to Register and you'll gain full access. 

If you have any Questions please do not hesitate to make contact with us. The best way for us is via email, we can review and respond quickly, and schedule a time for a tele-conference if needed. 

How to proceed?


  • We gather from you information about your clinical qualifications and professional experience; 

  • We gather from you a compliant English Language Test; 


We use that initial information to undertake a Due Diligence report (which we share with you) and it will provide guidance regarding your meeting College, Medical Registration and Migration requirements. 

For EVERYONE we suggest: 

Read ABOUT US. It is very important you know who we are, what services we provide and our success over the past 7 years. You are going to TRUST US in helping you and your family through medical licencing, migration and relocation; 

Read ABOUT AUSTRALIA. This is your new home! Start to form opinions about potential locations. We'll help with that too once we learn more about you and your family.