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DISCLAIMER: the following advice is based on our opinion and experience. It is NOT RANZCR approved advice. We have provided a link to the RANZCR pages for IMG's.

Overseas qualified Radiologists MUST MEET specific RANZCR College criteria. 

These criteria comprise: 

  • MBBS must be of five years duration; 

  • Entry to General Radiology training MUST BE via a competitive process;

  • General Radiology training MUST BE 5 years in an accredited teaching hospital with examinations. (Click here if you DO NOT have 5 years GR training)

  • Fellowships are generally not counted within the 5 years; 

  • MUST have competed AMC/EPIC authentication of qualifications; 

  • MUST have a compliant English Language Test OR from an exempt country;

  • For Tier B interventional MUST have logbooks for the past 2 years; 

If you have already done a RANZCR SPECIALIST assessment please forward this to us. WITH your RANZCR CV. HOWEVER this is NOT ENOUGH to secure employment in private practice in Australia. You will NEED an AREA OF NEED assessment also. 

Timeframe for completion of medical licencing and migration is 9 months. 

We undertake a Due Diligence report once we have your Resume, ELT, Lifestyle and Skill Set survey. 

If you DO NOT HAVE 5 years of General Radiology training please DO NOT proceed further. Click here.

If you HAVE 5 years of General Radiology training please continue. 

Complete CV and email to us

We will review your Resume and provide further guidance. 

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