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Radiologists WITHOUT 5 years General Radiology training

DISCLAIMER: the following advice is based on our opinion and experience. It is NOT RANZCR approved advice. We have provided a link to the RANZCR pages for IMG's.

Overseas qualified Radiologists MUST MEET specific RANZCR College criteria.

The 5 years of General Radiology training is a "hurdle" for those with qualifications from India, Pakistan, Brazil, China (excluding Hong Kong), Eastern Europe et al. 


Australian trained Radiologists undertake 5 years of training in RANZCR accredited teaching practices with formal examinations and periodic reviews. 

Appendix A of the RANZCR IMG Assessment Policy (Australia) RANZCR March 2022  states the "Duration of the program must be a minimum of fives years FTE in Clinical/Diagnostic Radiology". 

In addition, "The structure and governance of the training program:

a. is underpinned by a comprehensive curriculum/learning outcome which articulate the knowledge, skills and attributes expected of graduates;

b. leads to a nationally recognised qualification; 

c. is accredited by an external body."

What are your options? 

We can provide specific guidance based on knowing your qualifications and experience.


We charge a fee of $A680 for this service and it covers: 

  • review of your RANZCR compliant CV; 

  • review of your RANZCR skill set; 

  • review of the RANZCR Assessment Compliance survey; 

The fee will be invoiced and must be paid in advance. 

Should we proceed with your application and secure a role with an employer for you. We will refund the fee to you in full.

Seeking our assistance if you do NOT HAVE 5 years General Radiology training. 

Complete CV and email to us

We will review and provide further guidance. 

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