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Due Diligence for I-Med Doctors

Able Medico work exclusively with I-Med Radiology Network in medical imaging in Australia. We provide the following services:

  • we undertake initial due diligence to provide feedback to I-Med and the Doctor the most likely outcome of their College assessment

  • on finalisation of an offer I-Med engage Able Medico to: 

    • undertake the medical licencing/migration process enabling practice in Australia

    • monitor medical licencing/migration from arrival thru to Fellowship

Due Diligence comprises the following: 

  1. Provide Able Medico with a Resume (ideally in the RANZCR format as this is what the assessors will review)

  2. Complete a Specialist Comparability Survey online based on RANZCR guidelines

  3. Complete a Skill Set Survey based on RANZCR guidelines

  4. Complete a Lifestyle survey which provides us with migration guidance

  5. If you have an English Language Test upload this to us also

  6. If you have completed authentication of your qualifications via the AMC/EPIC please let us know your details

Follow the steps below.


Within 2 business days Able Medico will complete a Due Diligence Report and will share this with you and I-Med providing guidance regarding the most likely outcome of your College assessment. 

Step 1: A Resume (ideally in RANZCR format) 

We've attached the latest RANZCR CV Template. Please download, complete and return to us. 

We have also included a SAMPLE CV to show what level of detail the College Assessors require. 

Either email it to OR upload via the link provided. 

Step 2: Specialist Comparability Survey

This online survey is based on the RANZCR checklist. On completion it will automatically be sent to Able Medico and I-Med. 

Step 3: Skill Set Survey

This online survey is based on the RANZCR Area of Need skill set which is required for assessment. On completion it will automatically be sent to Able Medico and I-Med. 

Step 4: Lifestyle and Migration Survey

We use this survey to learn more about your family and take them into account also. Used for migration planning. 

Step 5: English Language Test

You may need an English Language Test and we include the Medical Board of Australia Guidelines below. If you have an ELT please share with us via email or via the upload button. 

Step 6: Australian Medical Council and EPIC

All overseas qualified Doctors are required to authenticate their Identity Documents, their initial Medical Degree and also all Post-Graduate qualifications via the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and EPIC. We've provided a link to excellent guidance provided by the AMC. You should commence this process early as it takes time for authentication. This will be required by the College and AHPRA medical registration. Once Able Medico is engaged by I-Med to provide medical licencing support we will check your AMC/EPIC. 

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