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English Language Test

The English Language Test "strikes fear" into the most brave of Doctors! We've had some take more than 5 attempts to get through. But all have persevered and succeeded. Many speak English better than I ever will! 

The English Language Test is required BOTH by the College, the AHPRA registration authority and by Migration. 

There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS to a Doctor fully complying with the dictates of the various authorities. 

There are EXEMPTIONS and we will advise if you qualify for these based on reviewing your Resume. 

We've attached the Medical Board of Australia Guidelines.

You need to undertake the Academic Version of IELTS, OET, PTE or TOEFL. 

We cannot provide guidance on which is the BEST or the EASIEST. Feedback from our Doctors is mixed! 

Our advice regarding the English Language Test

We've been assisting Doctors (Specialists) who have undertaken over 7 years of medical training (as a minimum). 

Yet for MANY the English Language Test requirements for their College, AHPRA medical registration and Migrations STRIKES FEAR into their hearts. 

We've searched for a way to assist Our Doctors. 

We've formed an alliance with Swoosh English who offer: 

  • online training for OET, IELTS and PTE

  • online coaching

  • exam preparation and

  • online testing (no need to attend in person a testing centre)

They're based in Ireland. Yes, I thought that an issue also, BUT

  • my wife, Theresa AND lots of family in Australia are Irish

  • they're VERY GOOD (except when tempted by "taties", sheep, silk handkerchiefs and Guinness!

  • they've been in business for a long as we have!

MOST IMPORTANTLY they have a Doctor focus!

Based on our discussion with

  • Doctors we have assisted into Australia; and


We recommend the OET English Language Test for several reasons: 

it is ATTUNED to Doctors;

it can be TAKEN ONLINE

We suggest the following: 

  • Take the Premium Package as a MINIMUM; OR

  • Take the next level up which is VIP. It will give you one on one coaching

The PRICE IS NOT RELEVANT. All of our Doctors will earn in EXCESS of $A350,000 when they start and well over $A500,000 when Fellowship is achieved. For others the figures exceed $A800,000. 

In short PAY THE HIGHER FEE in terms of career earnings in Australia it is a VERY SMALL PRICE to pay. 

Are you ready to proceed?

DISCLAIMER: As part of our adherence to "Trust and Clarity" we need to advise that we receive a small commission from Swoosh. 100% of the commission is Donated to charities for children

Visit the Swoosh web site AND explore OET online preparation courses for Doctors.

Scroll down the page AND view the Premium and the VIP Package. DO NOT SIGN UP there. 

Review this first. 

When you are ready to proceed SIGN UP to Swoosh here. 

Take PREMIUM or VIP offer.

Would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE your feedback regarding Swoosh. Click the Contact Us link below.

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